Experience to Live: Nature

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Horse rides

The excursions are carried you out by “Horse Club Tumara”, nearby the Masseria. There are different excursions, one or two hours duration. Here the most suggestive.

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“Ape calessino” tour

Otranto panoramic guided tour, seeing its hidden beauties, with the collaboration of “Ape Calessino” in the area.

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Boat or rubber dinghy tours

We organize tour along Salento coast, in north direction (Mulino d’Acqua, Morrone, Canalone, Baia dei Turchi, Laghi Alimini, Torre dell’ Orso), also in south direction (Baia dell’Orte, Faro Palascia, Torre Sant’Emiliano, Porto Badisco, Castro). You can do it by boat or by rubber dinghy, depending your needs. Every tour can be reserved also in exclusive use.

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Scuba diving

An experience for who has the passion for underwater world and you can’t do without. You can treat yourself pure magic moment.

Experience to Live: Culture

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Pizzica night (SUSPENDED)

Once a week (from June to August), Masseria Bandino offers to their guests a Pizzica Night, people’s Salento dance.

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Free guided tours

In collaboration with the city of Otrantond thanking Otranto card, giving to you in hotel, is possbile to take part to the free guided tours in Otranto.

Experience to Live: Emotionals

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Olive oil mill

An extroardinay experience inside an ancient olive oil mill. They are considered like green gold mines, digged by hand and situated on he underground. The atmosphere take us back in an ancient time made suggestive by the olive terracotta lanterns.

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A jouney in the stones, mother of Salento architecture. That concerns Lecce’s Baroque, little villages, rural holmes, ancient buildings and quarries.

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“silence is the space where the dreams come true” Thich Nhat Hanh

Searching the silence, not to turn back to the world, but to observe it and understand it, the silence is not a disturbing meaningless, but it is the listening inner sounds that are sleeping.

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A journey to discover the lighthouse situated in Punta Palascia in Otranto; without a doubt it is one of the most intense “emotional experience”. It is situated in the eastes point of Italy, the first point where the sun born: the view give a breathless show, where the majestic and safe building overlook the Adriatic coast, in the Salento peninsula, with alla round se, sea, and sea again.

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Bee is the symbol of labour: honey maker, in mythology is the Muses’ messenger, biological guarantee of quality setting and biodiversity supporter of the planet flora. If the bee becomes extinct, the life on planet will end.

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Pasta and bread belong to the culinary tradition of our land. In the past, preparing up pasta by hands was a real ritual, an important moment that bring together grandparents and grandchildren, passing down this natural and value art, through generations.

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“Wine prepare hearts and makes them more ready for passion” Ovidio.

With the end of summer, grapes are ready to be harvest and ready to start the production process. You will live fully the grape harvest experience with all the production process, where Apulia is leader.

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A journey through beauty and goodness with olive oil as guide. Known and used in ancient time, the olive oil is a highly natural product. It is obtaned without chemichal solvents, the oil is a health allied. Find and value again, in the last decades, the oil has got a new success. Today it has become one of the italian product much loved and exported.

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Apparently is a red fruit, but inside is a little seeds explosion; at the same time is a mine for health. It is full of wourishing properties, full of mythes and legends, the autumn welcome us with the present of this healthy allied.

leonardo ferrante5 August 2021
Posto incantevole. Abbiamo provato la proposta di degustazione per cena. Alta qualità dei prodotti, cottura e abbinamenti perfetti delle materie prime. Lo staff gentilissimo e preparato. Da provare e rimanere incantati.Giuseppe Vaccaro4 August 2021
Eleganza e professionalità con un menù e una cantina che soddisfano i palati più finiMichele Guatelli3 August 2021
Maria2 August 2021
Bella location, perdonale accogliente ed ottima cucina (Translated by Google) Beautiful location, welcoming pedestrian area and excellent cuisineNic1 August 2021
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