A Family History

Hello, I am Mimina De Donno, owner of Masseria Bandino. The Masseria was a thriving and productive family farm, as well as my parents' home, but unfortunately, after the sudden death of my father when I was still a child, it was gradually abandoned. Growing up, I set myself the goal of recovering the now ruined farmhouse and restoring it to its former glory, giving it a different look without ever forgetting its origins. After many years spent travelling around Italy working with my husband Roberto for important companies
in tourism, we invested all our energy in the dream we had always cherished: to turn our Masseria into a small hotel and put our experience at your service.
In fact, in 2004 the dream finally came true; since then we dedicate our whole day to this activity of ours, trying to do it to the best of our ability, with commitment and attention. If you come to visit us, it will be easy to see us busy between the reception and the restaurant, and it will be a real pleasure for us to take care of your stay.

We wanted to introduce you to our staff, because nothing we do would be possible without them.


Andrea, Katiuscia, Giulia e Mimina

When you arrive, they will greet you with a smile, ready to give you a thousand details about the facility and, above all, to answer all your questions and curiosities. 

Restaurant hall

Sara, Marco, Roberto e Sasha

If you decide to dine in our restaurant, they will take care of you; smart guys who want to do well.



Sommelier 3rd level A.I.S. at ALMA, Pierpaolo has selected for you great wines made from indigenous grape varieties, as well as Italian and French ones.


Ivan, Donatello, Giuseppe, Giovanni e Checco

They will be in the kitchen every evening preparing your dinner with the aim of making you taste the flavours of our land and tradition.

Staff spa

Teresa e Francesca

They will take care of your well-being and relaxation in our exclusive spa.


Gabriella e Stefania

In the morning, they will prepare a succulent breakfast and good coffee for you.

On the floors

Luisa, Donatella e Sandra

Daily cleaning and tidying up will be taken care of, and they will be at your disposal for any needs or requirements.

all do


We entrust him with the care of our Masseria's greenery, but not only that.

In-house services


It is customary at Masseria to wake up and breathe deeply of the country air. By doing this with full lungs, we relieve stress, recover the serenity lost in the stressful city life, and give our bodies the opportunity to regenerate, strengthen our immune system and make us feel happier.

Whether you prefer it continental, American or typical Italian, our breakfast buffet always offers a rich choice of flavours and strictly local and seasonal products, as well as fragrant homemade pastries. You cannot fail to taste the warm ricotta cheese freshly made by the skilful hands of our trusted shepherd, or primo sale, fior di latte mozzarella, scamorza, caciocavallo; all accompanied by fragrant durum wheat bread, focaccia or the traditional 'friselle'.
And then again hot dishes such as scrambled and soft-boiled eggs.

Light Lunch

At lunchtime, the restaurant offers guests tasty cold dishes to be enjoyed outside in the cool of our gazebo or comfortably seated in the indoor dining rooms.


– Tagliere di salumi / formaggi
– Frisella con pomodoro e tonno
– Bruschetta al pomodoro
– Burratine locali
– Caprese con mozzarella e pomodoro
– Toast prosciutto e formaggio
– Frutta fresca

Half-board dinner

The Half Board menu will allow you to choose your favourite dishes of the day; while attentive table service will allow you to be served and pampered. It is composed as follows:
– una scelta tra 3 differenti antipasti  (mare, terra, vegetariano)
– una scelta tra 3 differenti Primi Piatti (mare, terra, vegetariano)
– una scelta tra 3 differenti Secondi Piatti (mare, terra, vegetariano)

Outdoor Swimming Pool

At the foot of the pine forest and surrounded by olive trees is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with underwater music.
"Lie down in the water, open your eyes to the blue sky and listen to the music that accompanies your relaxation."

Bike & Trekking

At the disposal of our guests are some bicycles that can be used (subject to availability) to move around the area or to reach the centre of Otranto. For trekking enthusiasts, on the other hand, there are interesting trails winding around the Masseria.

Spiagge Convenzionate

We boast partnerships with several lidos: some are in the 'Laghi Alimini' area, others in the centre. The Alimini Lakes are about 8 km from the Masseria, while the beaches in the bay in the centre of Otranto, both free with services and private, are just 2 km away from the masseria. 

Health and Nature Route

Completely immersed in the pine forest, the Nature and Health Route offered by our Masseria reconciles the need to practise sport and to be able to do so in the open air by taking advantage of an itinerary specially designed and conceived for our guests.


For the little ones, just a stone's throw from the hall and the rooms, there is a safe playground where they can spend a lot of time having fun. The swing, slide, football goals and many other small attractions are available free of charge for our little ones and their parents. All this on a soft green lawn surrounded by the clean air of nature.

Colonnina di ricarica auto

Una colonnina per la ricarica delle auto elettriche è disponibile nel nostro parcheggio.
Il rispetto del clima e della natura è da sempre per noi una priorità.
Masseria Bandino è sempre più green!